How to Recover Successfully from Penguin 2.1 - A Simplified Analysis

Penguin is a dreaded Google Algorithm that aims to diminish links that are getting an unfair advantage to a site or page. Anything that goes against the Google Webmaster Guidelines is detected and penalized by Penguin. From paid or inferior links to PageRank by passing text ads and other taboo links, its fifth update, i.e. Penguin 2.1, tackles them all. Being a version of Penguin 2.0 that was deemed to be more potent than the Penguin 1.0, its effects are thought to be deeper. It delves into the inner pages in a more ruthless manner than the previous versions. Those sites that have had their traffic hit have been a worried lot.

It is important to analyze your web-traffic over a period of time and try to pin-point the problem that could have led to a drop in rankings (assuming they have dropped). To do this, there are a series of steps that you could follow –

1. Check Google Webmaster Tools’ notifications to make sure there aren’t any manual penalties.
2. Perform a thorough link analysis for both the inbound and outbound links of your site.
3. Identify bad links and unnecessary pages.
4. Access the quality of your content.

After having done this, you can start with the recovery of your rankings. For this, SEOCopyKids is just perfect. With a team of thorough professionals who are adept at handling the most difficult recoveries, we make your road back to being on top of the charts simple. Starting with removal of all bad links manually, we use the disavow tool as a last resort. For dealing with a manual penalty, we file for reconsideration after undoing the damaging issues. Alongside, we get right down to creating the most appealing content backed by strategy and offer impeccable quality. By encouraging reader participation by means of guest blogs, comments, shares and much more; we make amazing engaging content happen.

SEOCopyKids enables you to identify, remove and edit links with exact match anchor text that could be a reason for dropped rankings. Unnecessary pages on your website could be considered gray hat as many websites use it to increase internal linking. We help you streamline your website without losing its soul. Knowing the difference between links that help and harm your website can go a long way. Trustworthy links should be gathered and mass acquired ones abhorred. Links develop when you are genuine in your efforts to garner and retain an audience. Working towards recovery is easier when you are in expert hands and SEOCopyKids is the most dependable choice.


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