An SEO Copywriting Guide by SEOCopyKids - 5 Tips for Higher Rankings

SEO Copywriting is an effective way to make your business visible online. It is different from other forms of writing in more ways than one. It is not just informative but optimized to make it easy for search engines to turn up your website in results when relevant searches are made. It is aimed to make visitors interested and keep them coming back for more.

SEOCopyKids is adept at handling content of all kinds for the web; content that has been well optimized for maximum hits. SEO copywriting is a fine art that is mastered over a period of time. There are a few basic principles that can guide you in creating wonderful content. SEOCopyKids gives you five indispensible tips to enhancing your SEO copywriting skills –

1. Longer, in-depth articles – It has been proven that the longer an article, the better its chances of ranking higher and getting more social media attention. But longer is not necessarily more engaging. To keep it entertaining and get appreciation from visitors, keep the information relevant, interesting, useful and detailed.

2. Conversational Style – It pays to talk to fellow humans than to sermonize. Optimize the text for robots and crawlers but create content keeping in mind the information that the searcher would be seeking while entering the keywords. Convey your message in a manner that is free from jargon and easy to understand.

3. Start at the Beginning; Titles – Keep your titles engaging and very apt. the reader should instantly get an idea of what the write-up is about. Rather than cheeky headings, go in for informative and interesting headings that will make the reader want to read the content.

4. Keep it Fresh – Keep on posting new content to rule out user ennui. When your content is in sync with the happenings around it, it is bound to create more interest. With the information highway providing every detail from happenings around the world, you cannot afford to shell out stale content.

5. Remember long-trail keywords – Optimizing for often used keywords is difficult with too much competition. Try to shift your focus to longer keywords that will get you more focused visitors. It narrows down the search to bring in users who are most likely to be interested in your content.

When you are with SEOCopyKids, you are in safe hands. All copywriting is in keeping with latest SEO guidelines and we make sure that your content is always original, interesting and provides value to the user. No unnecessary keyword stuffing, only very crisp and informative write-ups that will assure your audience of impeccable quality, always.


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