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Your Expert SEO Copywriting Team

SEOCopyKids is a group of experienced digital marketing professionals ready to help your website rank better in the search engines.   Search marketing is a relatively new form of marketing, and business owners often find it difficult to know how to effectively optimize the content on their websites.  We have created an easy way for you to do this. 

Why is SEO Copywriting Important?

Many website owners do not realize that every page on a website can rank uniquely for a particular search term. So, if your websites has 10 pages, each of those pages should be SEO optimized for the keywords and search phrases that best represent the information on each page.
Thousands of businesses around the world do not properly optimize the content on the pages of their website.  This allows the search engines to decide when to display these pages in their index and what information to show the user. Content optimization starts with effective SEO Copywriting and page configuration of webpage meta data, which is content embedded in HTML code specifically designed to inform the search engines about the information available on that page.

How Does it Work? is the first website to offer a point-and-click way for business owners and website operators to optimize every page on their website. Our team of experienced digital markers look at each page and keyword phrases you submit and provide effective SEO content for each page. Within 2 business days you'll receive a page-by-page breakdown of effective SEO copy for all the important HTML meta tags along with other recommendations. Optionally, our team of technical staff can install this content for you.

Submitting Your Website

To submit pages to the team for expert SEO Copywriting, follow these 3 steps.

1. Enter your website address, for example:, and push the "Select Pages" button
2. Select one or more pages from your website and enter the search term phrase or keywords as the foundation of copywriting
3. Enter your information, and press Submit Payment to submit a secure payment via Paypal 

What Do we Deliver?

In about 2 business days, will email you a document that contains a page-by-page report of the SEO copywriting we've completed. In that report, we will include the existing meta data content on those pages for your records.

For each page we deliver effective SEO copywriting for the following important areas of your pages:

-Page Title
-Meta Description
-Link Title Tag
-Meta Keywords
-Page Name (URL structure)
-H1 and H2 Tags
-Long Tail Keyword Recommendations

See our Sample Report

Need Technical Help?

In the event that you'd like us to perform the technical implementation on your behalf, SEOCopyKids will login to your server and install the SEO copywriting for each page. Please provide server access information in the comments field on the order, or call us to provide us at (855) SEO-COPY (736-2679) after submitting the order.

Thanks for using our service!