Importance of Google Places - Reasons You Can’t Ignore

A lot of business is transacted with the customers looking up places on their smartphones. As the world grows beyond all boundaries, all the information available is being compacted to the palm of our hands. More than anyone, Google should know it best and it says that one out of every five queries in search engines is regarding a location. If you aim to attract customers to your business, you would be better off being on Google Places than not. Without costing anything and hardly taking anytime, this is one of the simplest and best ways to be visible on the internet. By being listed on Google Places, you get to feature in both the search listings and the Google Maps listings for the search query.

Anytime any of us needs to buy something or avail a service, we instinctively take out our gadgets and search online for those in our vicinity. This opens up a host of options and we click on the one that we find the most attractive, which in turn lets us get a good understanding of the business by way of location, reviews, timings, images and other information. Google Places has become our point of reference and it makes sense for every business to be listed on the same. Not just an effective marketing tool, it is also free. The ease of creation of an account makes it even more difficult to say no to it.

SEOCopyKids is a company that has immense experience in helping you with your online marketing needs, both paid and free. We highly recommend Google Places to any business seeking a local clientele. The first thing to do would be to claim the page as your own. For this you need to create a Google account and then verifying a PIN they send you by e-mail, text or snail mail. After verification, you can add a lot of details about your business including pictures and videos. For a free service, it gives you a lot of internet visibility and even better ranking in search results. They are the yellow pages of the online world and make your business easily identifiable on Google Maps as well.

There is a way to go about making the perfect Google Places account that will be beneficial for your business. Firstly, make sure the keywords you use are relevant and make it easier for perspective clients to search for you. Secondly, give a look and feel of the place to make a lasting impression by adding images and even, videos. Another thing that can help greatly is to enable reviews which create user interaction, giving you the benefits of a website, without investing in one. SEOCopyKids helps you complete your profile and gets you the maximum advantage from a service that has become indispensible.


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