301 Redirects for Effective SEO, SEOCopyKids Tells You How

A redirect is just that - a redirection from one URL to another. Of the various kinds of redirects, 301 redirect refers to the one that suggests a permanent relocation. It can be very useful from SEO point of view. Not just users but search engines are also redirected to a page that is different from the one requested by them. Say, a website or online business has moved to a new URL; all the effort put into building the old site - the link juices, the rapport with visitors, the ranking - could just go down the drain. To retain the maximum ranking benefits of your previous website, a 301 redirect comes in handy. 301 is the HTTP status code for such redirects and limits the organic traffic you might lose by redirecting.

Deciding to use a 301 redirect is an important step towards maintaining your previous PageRank. Whether you are buying a new domain, trying to divert the traffic of another domain to your domain, merging two websites or deleting pages no longer relevant; it comes in handy to make sure the visitors can’t tell the difference. By using an incorrect redirect, you stand to lose business as you drop in rankings and traffic. A nicely executed redirect has least impact on your SEO authority and saves you not just a lot of effort but also time and money. The value of the previous website is transferred gradually to the new website depending on the relatedness of both, as search engines recognize the shift. It saves a lot of groundwork involved in building a new website by transferring the link juices and PageRank.

SEOCopyKids understands redirects like no one else. We help you secure your 301 redirect in a manner that your link building is retained. It is not a simple command that will just happen at the click of a button but also requires actions to avoid errors. We are also adept at handling new websites that want to make a great start by offering old sites with related keywords and good link juice for redirects. Whatever your requirements, SEOCopyKids offer the best solutions. We also provide adequate follow-up SEO that will give a boost to an already booming website. By availing our efficient 301 redirect SEO services, you do your web business a favor. Not only will you be retaining your visitors but also PageRank, both of which are important for conversions.


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