Manual Webspam Actions View in Webmaster Tools for Small Business SEO

SEO revolves around optimizing the results that a site gets in an internet search. The efforts involved in result optimization are all futile if there are sudden and surprising drops in rankings. Till now, Google has never been very forthcoming about why a site has been penalized. But with the introduction of Manual Webspam Actions in Webmaster Tools, all this is set to change. Verified website owners can just log in and check whether their website has been manually penalized. Of the two ways that Google penalizes websites – manual and algorithm actions – manual penalizations have always been suspected by users and they would be left wondering what drew the penalization and would be in a quandary as to how to fix the ranking again.

With the introduction of Manual Webspam Actions tool, any website owner who is a verified site owner can check if they have attracted a manual penalty and the reason for the same. This makes a lot of sense for the people who are involved in the SEO of such a site. They can find out the portions of the site that have been penalized and also, the reason for the same. These reasons can range from spam content, hidden text, unnatural links to or from your site, hacked website or others and the update also provides solutions for the same. In Google Webmaster’s Help section you can learn about various actions that you can take to resolve the problem. This has a direct impact on the direction and techniques of SEO being used. The focus improves with the knowledge, resulting in the ability to better tune the results. is your best choice for understanding the problems pointed to in the Manual Webspam Actions Tool and working swiftly towards resolution of the problem with direct, concentrated steps. Though less than 2% sites are affected by manual penalization, we will leave no stone unturned to make sure your site is not one of them. We understand Google’s vision of removing content that is spam or that is low quality and gives low utility to users. We are in continuous search for spam in user generated content as well as the website to keep you off the radar of Google penalties. In case a problem does arise, we promptly fix the issue and submit a request for re-inlusion. With the newly improved transparency, we shall be able to serve your SEO requirements for small businesses better.

Google’s In-depth Articles in Search Results & Small Business SEO

Google finally has something for readers who are looking for detailed information regarding topics – the In-depth Articles, and they have started featuring in search results. This will feature as a separate section for comprehensive articles. It is aimed at the reader who is in search of something more than a quick search. Covering about 10% of people who search for detailed information on the internet, this is slated to be the next big thing in SEO after the Panda Algorithm. It will enable Google to search and present results according to relevant authors and their content.

By allowing everyone a chance to put their best foot forward, Google has ensured that a good, detailed write-up is easily accessible to people who are interested. This opens up another avenue to showcase your content apart from the regular web search. Though not all your content has to get lengthy and you can start with one such post a month to get the traffic going. But make sure that the post is the very best, optimized for inclusion in In-depth Article Search and appropriate to the audience. Claiming Authorship for your data has become all important as that is a criteria for sorting and displaying results as relevant. By creating content that engages the readers you can get Google to give your small business the attention it deserves. gives you the advantage of being with the best brains in the SEO industry and raking up their understanding to build your online businesses. With us you are assured the finest attention from Google’s In-depth Article Search category as we provide you with schema article markup that is optimized content aimed to make searching for and indexing your data easy. Your content gets Authorship markup too, making it more specifically targeted at users. also ensures that your multi-page articles are properly paginated and correctly canonicalized. We put your logo on center-stage where it is easily identifiable. And the most important of all, we provide you with unparalleled content making sure that user interest in your data keeps Google’s interest in your content alive.

By creating content with the correct length, making it informative and useful, and focusing on quality of the writing, you stand a fighting chance to figure in the In-depth Article Search. With more and more brands investing time and energy into content marketing, the competition has gone up several notches and you need to have expert help on hand.

Top Google+ Tips for Small Business

Despite Google+ being an effective social media tool for drawing traffic, Google+ for small businesses has not caught on in many circles. People are unsure about its utility and choose to go with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc instead. Google+ has come of age and become a powerful tool to help you channelize your website’s potency. Not only does a nicely optimized Google+ profile help you grow your links, it also gives you more and better opportunities to covey your message. This is where the importance of efficient Google+ SEO comes in and makes Google+ for small businesses imperative.

To make sure you get the maximum benefit from your Google+ account, there are numerous things that you can do to get it right and is the ideal choice to make the process easy and smooth.

• Perfect Profile – Your profile should be a window into your business interests. Complete and optimize it with appropriate keywords but avoid overuse. Add a high resolution cover and profile picture that is relevant and interesting. Don’t forget to add an introductory paragraph explain the nature of your business, your achievements and also, your contact details. We make all this really simple and quick.

• Be Latest, Keep Updating – Keep the people interested in your business posted about your newest posts and changes on your blog, website and elsewhere. We help you generate content that will engross your readers and keep them wanting for more. Making them keyword rich gets targeted results.

• Increase your Circles – Make as many connections as you can, but restrict them by relevance to focus your energies on a specific audience and yield better results. The more people you have following you, the better exposure you get. Making your content popular by getting you in the right circles, we empower your brand.

• The +1 Advantage – Google+ SEO is so potent because of the power of +1. It enables you to share not just with your friends and people in your circles but also in other circles and communities and hash tags.

• The Communities and Hangout Edge – By broadcasting yourself, joining and creating communities and interacting with more people, you give the audience someone they can relate to and add more value to your business. By engaging and interacting via various mediums, you can get more out of your Google+ account.

We give your business an impetus where it helps the most by being well versed in the workings of Google+ and harnessing it to your advantage.

Tips to Choosing the Best SEO Company

Choosing the best SEO Company to create an online identity to your business by making it visible is really important. There are so many SEO companies that selecting an SEO Company is a project in itself. But by taking care of a few important points, you can avail the most competent SEO services. Here are a few tips you can use while selecting an SEO company -

• Experience – Never be afraid to ask for references and make sure that the company has done enough good work to be considered worthy of handing over your account to. Having handled accounts of various kinds of trades makes the company more adept at doing different kinds of work efficiently and effectively.

• Competent Staff – The heart and soul of any good company is the staff that is well versed in the latest SEO algorithms and techniques. Keeping themselves up to date regarding the changing scenario, they rely not on instantaneous and inorganic techniques but on organic techniques that bear good results over a period of time.

• Value for Money – The best SEO Company will have a package to suit every budget. They will stretch every rupee and give you the most advantage for your hard earned cash. They do this by being focused on the results that you desire and doing away with unnecessary exercises.

• Trust – An SEO company that you can trust is a very important consideration. They should respect the time constraints that they have committed to. Work that overshoots the time limit unreasonably loses its intent and may upset a range of other activities associated with the results.

• Range – It makes little sense to go to different companies for different services. A place that offers the widest range of SEO services is the most practical. From web designing to SEO, SMO and PPC, everything under the same roof enables easy optimization.

Select a company that offers the widest range of services, at the best price and to your suitability.