Using Meta Tags for Maximum Effectiveness

Meta tags contain the information that the users look for on a search engine. To use them to your website’s benefit requires knowledge and understanding of its workings. While it is possible for you to learn a few basics, it is best to leave the higher level work to the professionals. While it is widely believed that SEO involves little more than keyword insertions, in terms of Meta tags it could not be farther for the truth. Overusing keywords will only have a negative effect. Also, a premium SEO agency will give you a different and effectual Meta Tag optimization for each page. ensures that you get the best Meta Tags for your Web Pages at the most affordable prices. Our highly result oriented Meta Tags will get your web pages due attention. The Title Meta Tag is the most important and is a clear and crisp outline of your web page. It is displayed in search results, making it important from both SEO and also user’s point of view. We don’t stuff it with keywords; we make sure it is interesting and has the relevant keywords too. Following this you need to have a good Description Meta Tag. More descriptive than the Title Tag, it is more important as a description of your site that users get to analyze before clicking on the link than from SEO point of view. Repeating keywords is not required in Meta Tags but placing them at strategic places in text, towards the beginning of the sentence, is definitely a good move. The focus should be on appropriate Meta Tags and not on filling up all space with keywords. Also important is the keyword Meta Tag, Robots Meta Tag and others that you should leave to the experts to tackle.

We at SEOCopyKids are very particular about – not stuffing keywords into Meta Tags, placing them at the correct place for maximum impact and using only original and most effective Tags. We understand the importance of brevity and know how to use words to your best advantage as not every word you write in Meta Tags can be indexed due to database constraints. By creating Unique Meta Tags for each page, we make sure that the relevance of each page increases, raising their chances of figuring in search results. We can be your websites’ savior and provide you effective Meta Tag strategy at surprising prices.

Serious about SEO? Don’t Overlook Structured Data

SEO deals with putting things in an order that is easily understood by humans as well as the search engine robots and crawlers. It aims to throw up the best results according to context and content. It may be difficult for search engines to go through every word and in the process appropriate information may get skipped. While most SEO providers look at keywords and metadata very seriously, they tend to sideline structured data, forgetting it is an indispensible part of SEO. Every kind of website and webpage benefits from the same. It is the extra and apt information that can be added to the HTML makrup of the website that appears as the rich snippets in SERPs. Structured data can be in the form of Microdata, Microformats and RDFa.

Structured data helps SEO by providing a better user experience by offering more relevant sites in results. To make your site more visible in SERPs, make sure that your data is informative and appropriate. Google’s Markup Helper is a great tool for the same. You can select the tags that you want to select to better describe your website in results and make an impact on the users. This is the language that is amply clear to search engines and enables them to understand your website and place it better in results. But its biggest drawback is the limited information that you can tag. is your one stop shop for all your structured data needs. From ratings, author pictures and location to other information, all information can be associated with your websites’ results reaping wondrous rewards for you. The benefits range from increased search engine visibility to increased conversion rates. Our team of well versed experts will take care of the perfect schema for structured data for your website. By making the contents of websites easily understood by users and search engines, you are better in search rankings.

When you search for any keywords in a search engine, the number of links with rich snippets next to them is enough to explain their preference by search engines. Though difficult for the layman, at SEOCopyKids, it is something that we are proficient at. With our HTML experience, we can provide you with varied kinds of rich snippets to suit your websites’ needs. Before launching any changes, we use schema testing tools to ensure that the changes we have made are apt. give your website the advantage of structured data with SEOCopyKids.Com.

5 Easy tips to make your Website Social Media Friendly

Being visible on the social media platform has becoming increasingly important in the last few years. While initially the focus used to be solely on search engine optimization using keywords and other techniques, social media has evolved to become a very important part of it. The online world now relies on interaction as supported by blogging and social media. To achieve your business goals it is important that you get in touch with your customers directly and personally and there is no better way to do it than the social media. Here are a few tips that will help make your website social media friendly -

Content that engages – You may be a writer of great repute but writing for social media is different from other kinds of writing. It needs to engross the reader and arrest his attention immediately. He may be browsing on his smart-phone and if the content doesn’t catch his fancy right away in the first line itself or the title; he is unlikely to read it when he sees a link on his social media pages.

Be Precise – Know what gets your customers to your site and build pages to highlight and provide for that need. If they are looking for information regarding personalized stationary, give them options for the same and do so in a manner that tells them why you and no one else.

Easy Sharing – Make sure that your content can be shared over a range of platforms and is easy to share. Put the buttons to share at a place where they are easily accessible and also minimize the steps that sharing involves.

Mobile friendly – A lot of social media is accessed over smart phones and it makes sense to be very sure about the compatibility of your website with different browsers. Android, Windows Os, iPhone OS and more should be tested for before launch to avoid problems later.

Interaction is Key – You have built a great website and have social media pages and groups in place; now what? You need to make sure that the pages don’t just exist; they are there for a purpose, interact with your customers to ensure satisfaction. Answer queries, post updates and make it interesting.

Use images – It is simply a very effective tactic to make an impact. Try to use original pictures and ones that are attractive and command a click. Even pictures make a great upload with just a title as it is rightly said that a good, meaningful picture can say a million words. Remember, you main content may not be available on social media websites as it is just a medium to attract visitors to your main website.

Has your Website been affected by Google Algorithm Updates - 21 August & 4 September ’13?

‘What is the constant need to update the algorithm?’ you ask. Like any other company, Google needs to rake in profits. It does so by using Adwords; its paid keywords that enable you to improve your rankings. When it sticks to a particular algorithm for too long, people understand how to get better ranking without using the Adwords, prompting Google to change it. Also, it does so to enable people to get hold of the most relevant results. So, if your content is original, engaging, relevant and popular, and you website holds value for its users, you don’t have to worry too much.

On August 21 and September 4, 2013, a surge was noticed in the changes to the traffic to various websites. Many websites reported a drop of as much as 80% in their traffic. Is your site also affected? If your ratings have suddenly plummeted around these dates, then yes. Here’s a list of things that could have affected the ratings and ways to control the damage.

• Repeated content penalization – For sites that carry classified ads, shopping portals and similar websites, the content tends to be more or less the same with minor changes in the keywords. This may raise a red flag and cause your ratings to tumble owing to content duplicity.

• Stale Content Penalization – Many a times it has been seen that a website that has seen good ratings over a period of time fails to maintain the ranking owing to lack of freshness of content. Updated content has the advantage of being preferred by Google with newer content getting more importance even within the same website.

• Trusted Names & Brands – Generally established brands and names get more traffic and keep people coming back for content, products and services and thus, continue to rank well.

• New Sites wait to make a mark – New sites are not getting as much importance as the established sites as they need to prove their mettle in a competitive scenario. Meanwhile, keep adding fresh content that is of value to the visitors to ensure better rankings in time.

• Changed Keyword Preference – Many website administrators have noticed that keywords that were working well earlier have tanked but others that were not figuring in the top charts are doing much better. Try to tweak your keywords and see if that makes a difference.

• Page Quality Emphasized – Google has stressed the importance of high quality content from trusted sources time and again. If your page is well created and backed with interesting, original and regularly updated content, you shouldn’t have to worry about updates.