What is SEO copywriting? How to Get Affordable SEO Copywriting Services for Your Small Business?

In today’s world, content is the number one factor in internet marketing for promotion of a website. Especially after the hit of Panda Algorithm, many websites ranking went down on Google.com. One of the main reasons for a decrease in ranking is that they had very low quality content on their websites. For recovering from Panda, Google (Matt Cutts) always recommends writing unique and useful content for your website.  SEO copywriters play a very important role in providing useful content. SEOCopyKids.com is an SEO copywriter, who wil help provide useful content for your website at very affordable prices.

Are You New to SEO copywriting?

If you are new to SEO copywriting and do not know the meaning of SEO copywriting then you can learn all details regarding SEO copywriting and SEO copywriting services here.

What is SEO copywriting?

In simple words, ‘search engine optimization copywriting’ is defined as the technique for writing content with proper placement of keywords and phrases.


SEO copywriting is the concept of online writing written by SEO copywriters which includes important keywords, words, or key phrases-- and with the help of these keywords, online text can rank better in search engines.


SEO copywriting is textual composition for internet marketing or SEO marketing which includes meaningful wording of the content with the help of some important keywords for getting higher rankings in search engines.

We believe the following points are very important for SEO copywriters.

1) Quality Content
2) Meta Tags

a) Title Tag
b) Description Tag
c) Keywords Tag

A good SEO copywriter will always provide you quality content & Meta tags with the proper placement of keywords.

How to Get Affordable SEO Copywriting Services for Your Small Business?

So, do you have a small business? And Looking for SEO copywriting services at an affordable price for your small business or website?

Log on to SEOCopyKids.com. We provide SEO copywriting services which include content & Meta tags (title, description & keywords) starting at just $21 per page.

What are Meta Tags? Why Title and Description Tags are Important in SEO?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags may not be the only sure-shot solution to spiking search engine rankings but they surely play a very imperative role. Meta Tags constitute specialized text written in between the opening and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document.

Basically Meta Tags are helpful in explaining web page and its content. They are not visible in the webpage as such, but present summarized information of a web site. Moreover, indirectly these tags do act as a major medium for guiding the search engines and users regarding the correct information of the website and its importance. Therefore, implementing the correct Meta Tags is a necessity for your website and this is where SEOCopyKids can assure you great accuracy and precision.

We have a skilled set of SEO Copywriter professionals who are technically updated and know exactly that which set of Meta Tags can be perfect for your website. Our expertise in placing the correct Meta Tags lies in following a comprehensive and systematic strategy for the same.

Meta Tag structure comprises of:

Title Tag: The title tag as written by our experts is short and crisp (about 65 characters in length) catering to the exact meaning of your web page. We realize its importance as this is what is visible on the search engine’s results page.

Description Tag: We showcase the exact meaning of your web page through the description tag. Having said that, we do not forget the basic motive behind Meta Tags and so do not exceed the character length to more than 200.  (Search engines recommend your meta tag must be between 150 – 200 characters and we are always making Meta description according to search engine guidelines.)

We even add an additional Meta Tag, a naming Keyword Meta Tag after considering the impact it may create in moving your web page up in the search engine rankings. This keyword Meta tag usually formulates important words that represent your web page correctly and most effectively. (In these days Meta Keywords are not important.)

Here is the complete Format of Meta Tags (Title, Description & Keywords)

<title>Title of Your Webpage<title>
<meta name= "description" content= "Description of Your Webpage"/>
<meta name= "keywords" content= "Important Keywords for Your Webpage"/>

Also, before we finalize the Meta Tags, we hold a complete and effectual research, analyzing your web page. Our main focus lies on optimization of Meta Tags. While doing this, we take care of three things:

Firstly, content of the Meta Tags. We try our best in assuring that the Tags placed fulfill the basic purpose of Search Engine Optimization and exactly match with the information & purpose of your web page.

Secondly, the characters and length of the Meta Tags is limited to what it should be. While there is no binding rule for this, we do this to make the Meta Tags effective.

Thirdly, we emphasize placing the Meta Tags correctly. The title, description and keyword Meta Tags are placed in a way that the more important ones are placed first followed by the less important ones.

Through this fixed and quality Meta tag structure, SEOCopyKids.com accomplishes the goal of providing you with superior content optimization. You can learn more about our specialized set of SEO solutions by contacting us on our customer care number 855-736-2679. You can also leave us an e-mail at info@seocopykids.com

Top 10 Content Optimization Tips

Where SEO has become a necessity to ensure higher search engine ranks, content optimization is a must-have for a successful internet marketing strategy. Yes, you may be planning several things to succeed in the online market, but the basic feature that can integrate the whole optimization platform for you is SEO Content Optimization. Below are some of the most unique and tested techniques that are utilized by us in the Content Optimization process:

1. Regular Content Update: We suggest that the content should be the updated one, most of the time. Remember stale content is worse than no content. Therefore, its better we make sure that the webpage content is modified at certain time intervals to fine tune it with the current scenario, enhancing visitor traffic to your website.

2. Unique and original content: We assure that the content matter in your webpage is original and novel through specialized online tools and techniques to judge the originality of the content. Duplicity in content will only degrade your web page instead of taking it higher.

3. Apt keywords usage: The keywords in Search Engine Optimization may be too broad and the content using these keywords need to be finalized only after proper research and analysis.

4. Constant addition of content: Observing the same content each time a visitor comes to your website is not as effective as constantly updated content to draw your visitors attention. Therefore, we assure that your content is catchy and active enough to persuade people to visit your webpage.

5. Precise and to the point: No one reads big stories on web pages, so the content has to be limited. Simpler lines and related content is what we suggest. If you would like to have more explanation and information on your web page, we make sure that the content induces the viewer to read further. Also, we keep a check on the material's accuracy and correctness.

6. Perfect placement of keywords: The location of keywords plays a very important role in optimizing content for SEO purposes. That’s why important keywords are placed well within the heading tags and in the starting lines.

7. Keep a check on density of keywords: Too much of everything is always dangerous. In the event of placing keywords, we take care of the fact that they are not over done so that the basic content is not degraded.

8. Format the keywords properly: Bold, italics, underline, or using special or catchy colors are some common ways used for highlighting the keywords.

9. Make the title & sub-titles effective: We follow the following strategies for title and sub-titles:

Make the main title the most catchy to induce direct customer support.

Make the sub-title explanatory and persuasive.

Choose a URL that matches the client's target keyword.

Go for relationship building keywords (For e.g. including words like Cheap loans, Personal loans, Home loans etc. in case the main keyword is Bank Loan only).

10. Make your content interactive: It is always good to invite and involve discussions in a website. We aim to include this feature to ensure an active web page.

Apart from these major tips, displaying quality and popular pictures alongside content or building links through keywords to big web sources or involving social media connections are other good ways  for ensuring higher search engine rankings. You can get all this and more through our quality SEO copywriting service. You can contact us at our customer care number at 855-736-2679 or drop a mail in our inbox at info@seocopykids.com

SEO Services for Small Business

With internet being perhaps the most successful medium for searching important information and products, having an effectual and higher search engine rank is not just a requirement but is rather a necessity for any business entity. Therefore, for small businesses the most suitable and effective way of internet marketing is to opt for qualitative SEO services.

SEOCopyKids.com realizes this imperativeness, and provides high-end professional SEO services for small business. Our solutions are not only exhaustive but are customized so as to satisfy our client’s premium motive to the core.

SEOCopyKids.com- SEO Strategy for Small Business:

1. We start with a deep analysis of your website and take into consideration your specific product / services business vertical. Then, we have a few online discussions to better understand your target keywords and competition so we can proceed further.

2. A well planned SEO strategy is formulated for the SEO team, comprising of highly experienced professional. Below are listed few of the important considerations that are taken care of while planning -

Focusing on the correct targeted website visitors for the product or service, that’s to be promoted.

The keywords strategy, we are selecting best keywords for your website by doing proper keyword analysis with the help of Google Adwords Keyword Tool & some other famous tools.

The research required for most innovative and updated methodology for doing SEO.

Perfect and precise content related solutions to make your web page popular and top among the most visited or searched.

Adherence to the ethical requirements of search engine and online environment.

Improving and fine tuning the website design as per SEO supportive norms.

3. Implementation and execution of scheduled tasks as per the planned strategy is done on regular basis in supervision and co-ordination of QA team to achieve the allocated target rankings of your web page with a striking competitive edge.

SEOCopyKids.com provides expert SEO copywriting services for small business and are available at the best competitive and most affordable rates. Positive results towards top search engine placement takes time, so our packages are designed in a way that maximizes budget and results for our clients. Our goal is increased online traffic and higher conversions / revenue through higher rankings in the search engine by keyword.

We suggest the optimal SEO options, keeping in mind the budgetary and time related constraints by our customers. SEOCopyKids.com services enable our customers to benefit from innovative SEO techniques, that all together optimize their web presence at a reasonable cost. Please give our customer care number - 855-736-2679 a call to explore a unique SEO package for you or email us at - info@seocopykids.com