An SEO Copywriting Guide by SEOCopyKids - 5 Tips for Higher Rankings

SEO Copywriting is an effective way to make your business visible online. It is different from other forms of writing in more ways than one. It is not just informative but optimized to make it easy for search engines to turn up your website in results when relevant searches are made. It is aimed to make visitors interested and keep them coming back for more.

SEOCopyKids is adept at handling content of all kinds for the web; content that has been well optimized for maximum hits. SEO copywriting is a fine art that is mastered over a period of time. There are a few basic principles that can guide you in creating wonderful content. SEOCopyKids gives you five indispensible tips to enhancing your SEO copywriting skills –

1. Longer, in-depth articles – It has been proven that the longer an article, the better its chances of ranking higher and getting more social media attention. But longer is not necessarily more engaging. To keep it entertaining and get appreciation from visitors, keep the information relevant, interesting, useful and detailed.

2. Conversational Style – It pays to talk to fellow humans than to sermonize. Optimize the text for robots and crawlers but create content keeping in mind the information that the searcher would be seeking while entering the keywords. Convey your message in a manner that is free from jargon and easy to understand.

3. Start at the Beginning; Titles – Keep your titles engaging and very apt. the reader should instantly get an idea of what the write-up is about. Rather than cheeky headings, go in for informative and interesting headings that will make the reader want to read the content.

4. Keep it Fresh – Keep on posting new content to rule out user ennui. When your content is in sync with the happenings around it, it is bound to create more interest. With the information highway providing every detail from happenings around the world, you cannot afford to shell out stale content.

5. Remember long-trail keywords – Optimizing for often used keywords is difficult with too much competition. Try to shift your focus to longer keywords that will get you more focused visitors. It narrows down the search to bring in users who are most likely to be interested in your content.

When you are with SEOCopyKids, you are in safe hands. All copywriting is in keeping with latest SEO guidelines and we make sure that your content is always original, interesting and provides value to the user. No unnecessary keyword stuffing, only very crisp and informative write-ups that will assure your audience of impeccable quality, always.

Importance of 404 Error Page - A Quick Tutorial by SEOCopyKids

404 Error is an error that a person encounters when the URL that they requested is not found. The page where they land is called the 404 Error Page. Many companies pay scant regard to the importance of a customized and optimized error page. It is an opportunity to turn a glitch into a wonderful experience that will keep the users browsing, instead of trying to find what they were looking for elsewhere on the internet. A simple 404 Error page’s disappointment can be turned around into a memorable and amusing experience by adding a touch of emotion or humor to it.

The importance of a 404 Error is great while considering the fact that when an error turns up, people are less likely to click on the website’s link the next time. By accepting that such errors will occur, you open yourself to the possibility to having a bit of fun even with the error messages that will make it seem less irritating or even entertaining to the users. Retain their attention using your imagination and provide them with a link to your website that they can use to return to your web address. Make a tongue-in-cheek error message or a straightforward statement that is in keeping with your websites purpose. Make the layout similar to that of your website so that it can be identified as being related.

SEOCopyKids is a single stop solution to your 404 Error woes, turning them around into an enjoyable error landing pages. A bit of fun and acknowledging your mistake go a long way in rectifying an error. It is important that your server configures your 404 Error status correctly. Don’t just go on correcting the apparent error pages but find out and establish all the searches that return such an error. This ensures that every single one of them is aptly handled. Not just to retain potential users but also to rule out the possibility of a Hacking attack, knowing all the requests returning 404 errors is important.

SEOCopyKids believes prevention is better than cure. So, we focus on fixing broken links and redirecting and replacing URLs that you have deleted or moved. We recognize that despite the best efforts, it is still possible that an error page crops up. In case of such an eventuality, we prepare you in the very best way by stating the reason, offering a search box and providing a link to the website’s home page.

Importance of Google Places - Reasons You Can’t Ignore

A lot of business is transacted with the customers looking up places on their smartphones. As the world grows beyond all boundaries, all the information available is being compacted to the palm of our hands. More than anyone, Google should know it best and it says that one out of every five queries in search engines is regarding a location. If you aim to attract customers to your business, you would be better off being on Google Places than not. Without costing anything and hardly taking anytime, this is one of the simplest and best ways to be visible on the internet. By being listed on Google Places, you get to feature in both the search listings and the Google Maps listings for the search query.

Anytime any of us needs to buy something or avail a service, we instinctively take out our gadgets and search online for those in our vicinity. This opens up a host of options and we click on the one that we find the most attractive, which in turn lets us get a good understanding of the business by way of location, reviews, timings, images and other information. Google Places has become our point of reference and it makes sense for every business to be listed on the same. Not just an effective marketing tool, it is also free. The ease of creation of an account makes it even more difficult to say no to it.

SEOCopyKids is a company that has immense experience in helping you with your online marketing needs, both paid and free. We highly recommend Google Places to any business seeking a local clientele. The first thing to do would be to claim the page as your own. For this you need to create a Google account and then verifying a PIN they send you by e-mail, text or snail mail. After verification, you can add a lot of details about your business including pictures and videos. For a free service, it gives you a lot of internet visibility and even better ranking in search results. They are the yellow pages of the online world and make your business easily identifiable on Google Maps as well.

There is a way to go about making the perfect Google Places account that will be beneficial for your business. Firstly, make sure the keywords you use are relevant and make it easier for perspective clients to search for you. Secondly, give a look and feel of the place to make a lasting impression by adding images and even, videos. Another thing that can help greatly is to enable reviews which create user interaction, giving you the benefits of a website, without investing in one. SEOCopyKids helps you complete your profile and gets you the maximum advantage from a service that has become indispensible.

How to Recover Successfully from Penguin 2.1 - A Simplified Analysis

Penguin is a dreaded Google Algorithm that aims to diminish links that are getting an unfair advantage to a site or page. Anything that goes against the Google Webmaster Guidelines is detected and penalized by Penguin. From paid or inferior links to PageRank by passing text ads and other taboo links, its fifth update, i.e. Penguin 2.1, tackles them all. Being a version of Penguin 2.0 that was deemed to be more potent than the Penguin 1.0, its effects are thought to be deeper. It delves into the inner pages in a more ruthless manner than the previous versions. Those sites that have had their traffic hit have been a worried lot.

It is important to analyze your web-traffic over a period of time and try to pin-point the problem that could have led to a drop in rankings (assuming they have dropped). To do this, there are a series of steps that you could follow –

1. Check Google Webmaster Tools’ notifications to make sure there aren’t any manual penalties.
2. Perform a thorough link analysis for both the inbound and outbound links of your site.
3. Identify bad links and unnecessary pages.
4. Access the quality of your content.

After having done this, you can start with the recovery of your rankings. For this, SEOCopyKids is just perfect. With a team of thorough professionals who are adept at handling the most difficult recoveries, we make your road back to being on top of the charts simple. Starting with removal of all bad links manually, we use the disavow tool as a last resort. For dealing with a manual penalty, we file for reconsideration after undoing the damaging issues. Alongside, we get right down to creating the most appealing content backed by strategy and offer impeccable quality. By encouraging reader participation by means of guest blogs, comments, shares and much more; we make amazing engaging content happen.

SEOCopyKids enables you to identify, remove and edit links with exact match anchor text that could be a reason for dropped rankings. Unnecessary pages on your website could be considered gray hat as many websites use it to increase internal linking. We help you streamline your website without losing its soul. Knowing the difference between links that help and harm your website can go a long way. Trustworthy links should be gathered and mass acquired ones abhorred. Links develop when you are genuine in your efforts to garner and retain an audience. Working towards recovery is easier when you are in expert hands and SEOCopyKids is the most dependable choice.