Top 5 On-Page SEO Tips for Ecommerce Website

SEO on-page is really important for successful e-commerce ventures. SEO for e-commerce websites calls for a different approach as compared to other websites. It pays to recruit SEO services of a professional as it is important for success. There are many ways to achieve this and the top 5 tips for the same are as follows –

1. Create Unique Content – SEO for e-commerce websites, like every other website, requires unique content but unlike other websites, because of their commercial nature it is difficult to achieve. This can be done by encouraging inputs in terms of content from users, like comments on social media platforms. Also make content so engaging that it inspires them to share your links with others.

2. Blogging Helps – By having a great engaging blog on your website, you can be assured of increased traffic. By updating your customers and subscribers about new additions and offers on the products, you keep the interest about your website alive. It is a good way of posting fresh content and being in touch with your customer base. This way you can also add keywords according to your latest requirements.

3. Engaging Product Descriptions – Most websites use the content that comes from the manufacturer as the content that their e-commerce website displays. Another mistake is copying from another e-commerce website and putting in duplicate content, a mine-field for penalties. By writing a short and interesting description for every product, you gain by not just attracting customers but also please the search engines which are forever on the lookout for fresh content.

4. Make the website User-friendly and preferably Mobile friendly – If your website takes forever to load, potential customers will take their business to the next site. A lot of trading is taking place online and someone who can find your website on the internet will equally easily find a competitor’s too. Make sure you are easy to access both on a desktop and on a mobile and do not hesitate to take SEO services for the same.

5. URLs with Punch – Make sure your URL is as closely related to the keywords of your website as possible as it will surely add an edge to it for SEO on-page. It not only becomes easier for the search engine to relate it to the website but also helps customers link it to products on your website.

Why Web Design is Important for SEO?

Your webpage is the online face of your company. SEO friendly web design takes into account the look, feel and ease of access to make it user and search engine friendly. SEO web design, as opposed to simple web design, takes into account many parameters that will ensure better ranking in search engines. Enlist SEO web design service that will help you make the most of your space and attract maximum users.

The important things to keep in mind while optimizing your website design are –

• SEO friendly URL – Make your URL memorable by including keywords separated by hyphens. Remember, shorter the better for enhanced SEO friendly web design.

• Keep the look Consistent – It is important to give the users a steady experience throughout your website that is in sync with your content and topic.

• Ease of Navigation – A web design that allows users to navigate seamlessly throughout the site provides the best user experience and it goes without showing that it will hook them for good. An enhanced user experience also calls for internal links based in content as well.

• Position Advertising Strategically – Too many ads may hamper the reader’s interest in your actual content and detract from the website’s real purpose. Try and keep it away from the main focus areas and that way you will not lose visitors, rather gain them.

• Responsive Web Design – Being in sync with the times means that websites need to be optimised and SEO ready for mobiles and tablets as well. With Google advocating responsive design, it is a given.

• Keywords Vs Content - While both are indispensible, focus more on content. Over using keywords can be harmful and they should be used judiciously. Any SEO web design service provider worth their salt will tell you that nothing can beat great content and it draws users like nothing else.

• Alt and Title Tags – SEO web design requires you make the best of your Alt and Title tags, however insignificant they may seem to a novice. Page descriptions and titles with name of the site included in them will do wonders for the ratings as will aptly tagged images.

• SMO friendly – Make sure Social Media icons display prominently on your web pages. This way you ensure easy shares and increase the number of visitors.

Focus on the building blocks and your website’s SEO will be a relative cake walk for a long time to come.

On Page Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization strategies include on-page and off-page SEO; the difference being that on-page SEO uses only the elements of the site without any external elements and off-page SEO includes elements that relate to SEO beyond your site. On-page SEO services can also help you achieve desirable results. Choosing the right SEO company for your requirements is as important as the expectations that you have from them. There are many ways to optimize your webpage; a few pointers are given below –

• Research and test various keywords before selecting them for inclusion in the content.

• Focus on keyword density but do not over-use the keywords as the search engines can tell if you are trying too hard to please them.

• Keywords are important, but don’t forget good, original content can make or break a website. Focus on giving the user value for having visited your site by providing amazing and fresh content.

• Try to have a URL that is closely related to your keyword or better still, have the most important keywords in it.

• Meta descriptions are often sidelined but they are very important for the search engines to recognise the topic and content of your website.

• The internal links should be optimised for efficient navigation within the website by using the services of a reputed SEO company.

• Pay attention to ALT tags and H1 tags.

• Structure the sitemap to be extremely user friendly and good in terms of XML.

• Quick loading websites are preferred by users as not every place and person has high speed connections and if you website loads slowly, they will run out of time and patience.

• Make sure your site is easy to use, easy to read and distraction free.

• Provide a little something extra like blogs and engaging articles on your website that will add to its appeal.

• Web robots find information about your site though robot.txt files and it is sensible to make them appropriate.

• If you need to change your URL or merge two websites for some reason, use the server-side 301 redirect. This will be helpful in retaining 90-99% link juice of the previous site/sites.

Use SEO services from a provider that will give due thought to important search engine optimization strategies and make sure you do not lag behind because of bad on-page SEO.

5 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

You have caught the attention of the search engines and subsequently have the attention of potential customers. What next? You still need to work on keeping those customers interested. This is easier said than done. But by paying a little attention to the landing page, the page that your customers arrive on when they click a particular link leading to your website, you can create magic. It is important to be careful about the SEO of your landing pages and the following SEO tips will guide you through it –

1. Answering Queries – Make sure your landing page offers what it promises. The customers have chosen to click on the link to your landing page in the belief that you will help them get their questions answered and if you fail to fulfil that promise, they are unlikely to visit again. A home page may contain a gist of your website but that may not be what the customer is after. So, design a new page with adequate SEO, a few different pages even, to cater to needs of varied visitors.

2. Be Consistent – Keep the feel of the landing page the same as the rest of the website. Do not let the reader or user feel that they have been cheated by landing on a page that is entirely out of sync from the rest of the website. Every click comes with a number of expectations that should be fulfilled in terms of content, feel, and pitch.

3. Brevity is Important – It is important to be concise as you do not want the users to wander off before they have their answers. By burying information in reams of text, you risk losing the visitor. By not beating about the bush, you can win brownie points and attract the visitor to other pages of the website with the promise of instant answers.

4. Add Interest – Make sure you deliver something that is easy to share over social media sites, such as quotes, jokes, games and videos. If you can make the visitor smile or hook his attention in another way, you can expect people linked to them on their social networks to take the cue.

5. Organize and Trim – By shedding unwanted bits of content, design and advertising, you enable the visitor to focus better on the landing page. You wanted them there for a purpose, make sure it is achieved by removing distractions. All SEO tips are futile if their attention wavers.