301 Redirects for Effective SEO, SEOCopyKids Tells You How

A redirect is just that - a redirection from one URL to another. Of the various kinds of redirects, 301 redirect refers to the one that suggests a permanent relocation. It can be very useful from SEO point of view. Not just users but search engines are also redirected to a page that is different from the one requested by them. Say, a website or online business has moved to a new URL; all the effort put into building the old site - the link juices, the rapport with visitors, the ranking - could just go down the drain. To retain the maximum ranking benefits of your previous website, a 301 redirect comes in handy. 301 is the HTTP status code for such redirects and limits the organic traffic you might lose by redirecting.

Deciding to use a 301 redirect is an important step towards maintaining your previous PageRank. Whether you are buying a new domain, trying to divert the traffic of another domain to your domain, merging two websites or deleting pages no longer relevant; it comes in handy to make sure the visitors can’t tell the difference. By using an incorrect redirect, you stand to lose business as you drop in rankings and traffic. A nicely executed redirect has least impact on your SEO authority and saves you not just a lot of effort but also time and money. The value of the previous website is transferred gradually to the new website depending on the relatedness of both, as search engines recognize the shift. It saves a lot of groundwork involved in building a new website by transferring the link juices and PageRank.

SEOCopyKids understands redirects like no one else. We help you secure your 301 redirect in a manner that your link building is retained. It is not a simple command that will just happen at the click of a button but also requires actions to avoid errors. We are also adept at handling new websites that want to make a great start by offering old sites with related keywords and good link juice for redirects. Whatever your requirements, SEOCopyKids offer the best solutions. We also provide adequate follow-up SEO that will give a boost to an already booming website. By availing our efficient 301 redirect SEO services, you do your web business a favor. Not only will you be retaining your visitors but also PageRank, both of which are important for conversions.

Launching a New Website? Avail Best SEO Services from SEOCopyKids

Launching a new website may mean you are launching a new business, creating an online identity for an existing one or refreshing it. It entails a lot of work on every front like management of human resources; figuring out and handling the economics of your business; production and sourcing of goods and providing services. With so much work that is set to amplify on the launch of a new website, making sure your website is well optimized in all respects is another additional task that involves full attention. It is unlikely and even non-recommended that you take up the onus of dealing with a completely new and unrelated field.

A reliable SEO service provider will give your website an impetus right from the start and is a very good investment. SEO makes sure that your business is searchable and reaches out to potential clients and nothing is more frustrating than waiting for orders or clients to pour in after a year or six months and then decide to hire a reputed SEO service provider. In fact, before you launch the website, you should hire a SEO provider to guide you regarding every aspect of your website from the name to the content and design. Right from the most important keywords to the most effective and user-friendly interface, having an experienced and well-versed SEO company by your side is very important.

SEOCopyKids is your perfect partner in the journey from conceptualizing a website to launching and maintaining it. We start with understanding your products and services and search for and narrow down the best keywords to optimize for. We also make sure that the phrases that we coin with these keywords are semantically oriented to gain maximum benefit. These keywords are added to our bank that will be drawn upon for tags, URLs and content. The focus is on making your website ready for users with short attention spans; every page within easy reach and quick to load. Also, we take care that those who land on a particular page have their queries answered to turn them into regulars. All our content is unique, engaging and well optimized that will have visitors return for more.

Having said all that, SEOCopyKids is swift in launching the website well within stipulated time and that too after testing it for performance. We bring consistency to your website with appropriate and effective design and content that makes it sharable. Easy sharing options are an asset in the online world and we help you achieve it. Every page of your website is an entity in its own right and with us, you can be sure of good search engine rankings for the same. In short, SEOCopyKids is your best one-stop-shop for all your SEO needs.

5 SEO Tips for Your Mobile Website

A big chunk of website usage and especially ecommerce comes from mobile smartphones. In such a scenario, it is prudent to make sure that you pay attention to the look, feel and working of your mobile website as well. A high-end luxury products website that looks kitschy will not be able to draw the right clientele; and the visitors that it draws may not be looking for such products.

There are five basic rules to follow to keep your mobile website topping the popularity charts –

1. Simplicity Pays - With desktop websites you can get a bit expressive and indulge your need to add design elements and descriptive text, but as a rule of thumb, refrain from going overboard for the mobile website – Keep it Simple. The need is to keep the barrage of information leashed and the design elements minimalistic. Stick to basic information that is absolutely necessary and trim the flab.

2. Ease of Use - Another thing that can benefit a mobile website is that it loads quickly and is easy to navigate. The buttons should have clear markings that are unambiguous. The language used should be such that it should add value to the website and not detract from the products.

3. Product and Brand Balance – It is imperative that the product takes centre stage but at the same time it should not turn generic. Incorporate your logo and brand name into the design so that it is important and becomes an integral part of the products.

4. Remember the Social Media is all pervasive – When you cut the unnecessary items, do not do away with the share and social media options as they are helpful in promoting your brand. In fact, make it easier to use social media components without leaving your website.

5. Redirect and Test – The visitors should automatically be sent to your mobile website when they surf on their mobiles and no better way to figure out if that is being done correctly than to test. Test repeatedly and test for every aspect to reduce chances of error and slow performance and nip them in the bud.

SEOCopyKids understands online business very well and in the field of e-commerce the services provided by us are nothing short of extraordinary. We are adept at making mobile websites that will hook your visitors and turn them to clients. The best of products can also lose their significance for online shoppers due to a poorly constructed website. We make sure that your website it aimed at the end user and matches his needs and aim to simplify, ease, make sharable and access time and again for performance. With our goals based in your interest, SEOCopyKids is your best bet.

Getting to Know Google’s Hummingbird Search Algorithm & Recognizing its Impact

With SEO service providers and web development companies getting used to updates by Google, a completely new algorithm released after 12 years is a big deal. Aimed to make search results more valid, more precise and prompt, this algorithm is understood to focus not on individual words entered into the search engine but on the semantic meaning of the sentences. It is also an important change introduced to account for the increasing number of voice based queries. The goal is to search for results based on meaning rather than keywords. This will create some ambiguity regarding the source of web traffic with little information regarding keyword statistics. This should enable smaller websites to benefit due to meaningful results that don’t rely on keywords originating based on queries. Another angle is the commercial context of how this will benefit Google in generating more targeted advertising.

For SEO service providers, this algorithm has a few important implications. They need to understand, more than ever before, that success now lies only on identifying and focusing on the niche audience that you need to address for your particular business. Simply refreshing content is not going to be enough, it needs to go viral, be shared and given time to develop a connection with its audience in a way that they recognize its importance. Those who have been into white hat SEO have not been impacted much and in future too those who concentrate on quality content that has audience engagement shall continue to flourish. The need is to shift the focus from being exclusively on keywords to being meaningful and delivering.

SEOCopyKids is a single window solution to all your queries about Hummingbird Algorithm. With our vast experience and amazing grip on the latest tweaks introduced by Google, your website’s optimization will always be in safe hands. Those of you, who are looking for a long term partner to be by your side and ensure success, choose SEOCopyKids. Our content focuses on being interesting, sharable and linkable making it perfect for your blogs and websites. As a testament to our competence, our work has always got due results that benefit our clients.

Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm has not affected our performance and we are dedicated to making sure our services are impeccable even in future. Our success lies in understanding the basic mantra of Google searches – providing relevant answers to search queries and all algorithms and updates centre on making these answers more relevant. By creating content that is unique to the niche in which your business operates and making it likeable and engrossing, we assure you will survive many more Algorithm updates like Hummingbird, unscathed.