Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a critical part of your creating Internet visibility. Whether your business is big or small, you will need to spend time (and money) on an SEO strategy. Big businesses have big budgets - and most large companies are very focused on digital marketing tactics including SEO. But small businesses, with limited budget, can quickly be left in the lurch. Unfortunately, without a solid SEO foundation, a small businesses will quickly find that their website is not driving any traffic, leads, or revenue.

The solution for small business is to find a SEO service provider that they can trust and who is willing to gain an understanding of their business. Investing in SEO shouldn't break the bank. In fact, the costs to effectively SEO optimize the average small business website a few times a year will cost less than filling up your printer's toner.

Today it is important to understand that every business is online because your customers are online. The first thing every business needs to do is create an effective web identity. Put your business where people can see you; be visible in the search results because that is where your customers will look for you - AND if your site isn't in the Top 10 results... you are doomed.

That is where SEO services step in. It is a great tool to enhance your web presence and optimize each page of your website for the keywords you want to be found on. And the best part is that you can educate yourself to do basic SEO for your website for free. But to get optimal results quickly, you can use the services from SEOCopyKids. It is a very affordable, highly precise and a targeted tool that gets the job of SEO optimization done right the first time.

Not sure if your small business could use SEO optimization? Follow this quick checklist:

  1. Think of 5-10 keywords you think your customer will use to find you
  2. Remember these keywords should be what "the customer" will use, not necessarily you think they'll use
  3. Test out your favorite search engine and see if your website comes up
  4. Now, switch to (or .ca in Canada or your region) and repeat step #3 again
  5. Take note of the page on your site that is coming up (or not coming up)
  6. Is your site showing up on all your tests within the first 10 spots (page 1)?
  7. If not, you probably need some SEO optimization of your pages
Have a look at our Sample Report for more great ideas.

Best Tool for Website Promotion - SEO, SMO or PPC

SEO, SMO and PPC are the billboards, neon signs and posters of the online world. Their importance for web promotions is indisputable and each has its own unique importance. SEO optimizes the appearance of the website at preferential top positions in the search engines. SMO makes your website a magnet for attention on the social media platform. PPC is direct advertising where you pay to place your website’s link at a preferential position to get more customers and pay only for those appearances that lead to click through to your website.

It is difficult to choose one over the other as all three are pretty important for web promotion. What would a website’s chances of discovery be if it were to not figure in top search results? That makes SEO really badly needed. What about being visible on the social media like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc? An average person spends more time on the social media than on any other website. That means that you just cannot do without it. But there are some websites that would not respond so well to SEO or SMO as to advertising; for them PPC is the Holy Grail of internet visibility.

PPC gets visitors to your site, SEO helps converts visitors to customers and SMO enhances brand image and direct interaction. These days the trend is to emphasise more on SMO as social media has become an inescapable reality. The amount of attention and the effect of sharing on social media make it just perfect to put across your business or other interests in an interactive manner, get immediate feedback and bond with perspective clients. A good web promotion campaign takes into account the requirements of the website and customises the best advertising mix by balancing the SEO, SMO and PPC.

When you choose PPC, you gain protection from changes in search algorithms that keep changing and because of that a site that has been well optimised may lose ratings. They let you get immediate traffic and you can also test it for conversion results without waiting to be optimised over a period of time. On the other hand you need to pay for PPC, according to your budget but with SEO you can let the optimisation occur naturally which may take time. We can safely say that all three complement each other and can provide maximum benefit by co-existing.

Right SEO Company for Improved Search Engine Rankings

It is now well known that to be even visible, let alone make an impact, you need a power-packed SEO package from a reputed SEO company. Search Engine Rankings are so important that making them better for websites is big business. Find the best SEO Company for your website and just sit back and enjoy the rising rankings of your website. But before you hand over the charge of your website to just any company, seek references and find out how good they really are. A good SEO company takes care of your interests as their own and these are a few things that they take care of -

• Good, Original and Meaningful Content – It is a given that you should add a blog to your site but not just any blog will do. It should be related to your website, have original content that will be of interest to the reader. Use of keywords is very important but without being overwhelming. If you find that the blog is able to engage you without making the use of keywords apparent, the company is doing a good job.

• Create Social Media Profiles – With an average person spending more and more time on social media and Google also encouraging their use, it is imperative for a business. To increase your Search Engine Rankings, this is a very important step. If the company is indeed the best SEO Company, your social media profiles will let you know.

• Great Design and Formatting – It is for amateurs to pick a template and design a website; for a really good SEO company, the job entails perfect designing in sync with websites’ needs. The design has to be eye-catching and the formatting such that the most important content is highlighted and the text easy to read.

• Meta-descriptions & H 1-6 tags – The meta-descriptions and H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags are very important and a good SEO company would help make an effective description and tags using the keywords that would be able to make an impact in search results.

• Get the Site Indexed – There are so many websites out there that it is silly to assume that the search engines will just find yours. Get the site indexed and use one of the many free directories that will link back to the site. A good SEO company will keep abreast of the latest requirements and algorithm changes for best SEO and provide you with

7 Killer SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blogging started out as an expression of self and has evolved to a much wider expression spanning marketing brands, image building exercises and a host of other commercial activities, over the internet. The reach of blogs is so vast and the effect so potent that they are difficult to ignore and require some understanding about how to work with to achieve their maximum potential. There are many SEO tips that will help you along the way and knowing the basics can prove to be a big advantage. The following great SEO blogger tips will smoothen out the kinks in your path -

1. Create a Niche – Choose what you want to write about and choose something that you can write a lot about. Be focused on your topic and give informative content about the same. If you write about fashion, the best SEO tip is to try and be more specific about an aspect of it; say, men’s fashion or talk about the latest on the catwalks.

2. Be Original – Never indulge in plagiarism and secure your content against it by getting a Google authorship to maintain your standing as the original writer of the content.

3. Optimise for Keywords – From the post title to the concluding paragraphs, make sure you use keywords that are appropriate and answer questions. Make sure Google recognises what your post is about and fill out a brief overview of your blog in the meta description.

4. Make Keywords long – Make sure that the keywords are as specific as they possibly can be. Longer keywords point readers to the exact thing they are looking for making the posts more meaningful.

5. Post Regularly – When your readers have a steady supply of material, they start looking forward to your posts and follow it. Even Google gives preference to bloggers who post regularly as they are more likely to be a useful resource to users and that’s what Google aims for.

6. Be Techno-friendly – By being in the know of technology like plug-ins and applications, you can easily get a drift of where your blog is headed and do the needful to rectify any problems. From knowing the traffic stats and details to finding out how well optimised your site if for a keyword; there are many things they can tell you.

7. Be user friendly – Make sure that your site loads quickly and has a sitemap to guide people around. The most important SEO blogger tip is to remember to write to hold the interest of an audience.