Importance of 404 Error Page - A Quick Tutorial by SEOCopyKids

404 Error is an error that a person encounters when the URL that they requested is not found. The page where they land is called the 404 Error Page. Many companies pay scant regard to the importance of a customized and optimized error page. It is an opportunity to turn a glitch into a wonderful experience that will keep the users browsing, instead of trying to find what they were looking for elsewhere on the internet. A simple 404 Error page’s disappointment can be turned around into a memorable and amusing experience by adding a touch of emotion or humor to it.

The importance of a 404 Error is great while considering the fact that when an error turns up, people are less likely to click on the website’s link the next time. By accepting that such errors will occur, you open yourself to the possibility to having a bit of fun even with the error messages that will make it seem less irritating or even entertaining to the users. Retain their attention using your imagination and provide them with a link to your website that they can use to return to your web address. Make a tongue-in-cheek error message or a straightforward statement that is in keeping with your websites purpose. Make the layout similar to that of your website so that it can be identified as being related.

SEOCopyKids is a single stop solution to your 404 Error woes, turning them around into an enjoyable error landing pages. A bit of fun and acknowledging your mistake go a long way in rectifying an error. It is important that your server configures your 404 Error status correctly. Don’t just go on correcting the apparent error pages but find out and establish all the searches that return such an error. This ensures that every single one of them is aptly handled. Not just to retain potential users but also to rule out the possibility of a Hacking attack, knowing all the requests returning 404 errors is important.

SEOCopyKids believes prevention is better than cure. So, we focus on fixing broken links and redirecting and replacing URLs that you have deleted or moved. We recognize that despite the best efforts, it is still possible that an error page crops up. In case of such an eventuality, we prepare you in the very best way by stating the reason, offering a search box and providing a link to the website’s home page.


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