5 SEO Tips for Your Mobile Website

A big chunk of website usage and especially ecommerce comes from mobile smartphones. In such a scenario, it is prudent to make sure that you pay attention to the look, feel and working of your mobile website as well. A high-end luxury products website that looks kitschy will not be able to draw the right clientele; and the visitors that it draws may not be looking for such products.

There are five basic rules to follow to keep your mobile website topping the popularity charts –

1. Simplicity Pays - With desktop websites you can get a bit expressive and indulge your need to add design elements and descriptive text, but as a rule of thumb, refrain from going overboard for the mobile website – Keep it Simple. The need is to keep the barrage of information leashed and the design elements minimalistic. Stick to basic information that is absolutely necessary and trim the flab.

2. Ease of Use - Another thing that can benefit a mobile website is that it loads quickly and is easy to navigate. The buttons should have clear markings that are unambiguous. The language used should be such that it should add value to the website and not detract from the products.

3. Product and Brand Balance – It is imperative that the product takes centre stage but at the same time it should not turn generic. Incorporate your logo and brand name into the design so that it is important and becomes an integral part of the products.

4. Remember the Social Media is all pervasive – When you cut the unnecessary items, do not do away with the share and social media options as they are helpful in promoting your brand. In fact, make it easier to use social media components without leaving your website.

5. Redirect and Test – The visitors should automatically be sent to your mobile website when they surf on their mobiles and no better way to figure out if that is being done correctly than to test. Test repeatedly and test for every aspect to reduce chances of error and slow performance and nip them in the bud.

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