Getting to Know Google’s Hummingbird Search Algorithm & Recognizing its Impact

With SEO service providers and web development companies getting used to updates by Google, a completely new algorithm released after 12 years is a big deal. Aimed to make search results more valid, more precise and prompt, this algorithm is understood to focus not on individual words entered into the search engine but on the semantic meaning of the sentences. It is also an important change introduced to account for the increasing number of voice based queries. The goal is to search for results based on meaning rather than keywords. This will create some ambiguity regarding the source of web traffic with little information regarding keyword statistics. This should enable smaller websites to benefit due to meaningful results that don’t rely on keywords originating based on queries. Another angle is the commercial context of how this will benefit Google in generating more targeted advertising.

For SEO service providers, this algorithm has a few important implications. They need to understand, more than ever before, that success now lies only on identifying and focusing on the niche audience that you need to address for your particular business. Simply refreshing content is not going to be enough, it needs to go viral, be shared and given time to develop a connection with its audience in a way that they recognize its importance. Those who have been into white hat SEO have not been impacted much and in future too those who concentrate on quality content that has audience engagement shall continue to flourish. The need is to shift the focus from being exclusively on keywords to being meaningful and delivering.

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Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm has not affected our performance and we are dedicated to making sure our services are impeccable even in future. Our success lies in understanding the basic mantra of Google searches – providing relevant answers to search queries and all algorithms and updates centre on making these answers more relevant. By creating content that is unique to the niche in which your business operates and making it likeable and engrossing, we assure you will survive many more Algorithm updates like Hummingbird, unscathed.


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