Top 5 Factors for On-Page SEO Optimization

Without adequate visibility online your business cannot prosper; To help make it visible it should have great search engine ranking. To achieve that you need to have a team dedicated to SEO services that will ensure that your website is appropriated regularly. SEO on-page is a very important part of this process and calls for SEO content optimization and optimum keyword analysis.

 Five indispensible factors that influence on-page SEO are discussed below -

• Appropriate Keyword Analysis – Emphasis must be given to the process of researching and selecting keywords that will form a part of the content on your website and they must be thouroughly tested for their effectiveness. Make a list of such keywords and then research for synonyms of the same as repetitive words harm the quality of content.

• SEO Content Optimization – For online success, content must be given due importance and treated as the most important factor. It should have adequate keyword density and should not exceed this limit as this will result in keyword stuffing which is undesirable for good SEO on-page. Avoid substandard and duplicate content like the plague and work on developing unique and meaningful content.

• Keyword placement – Where the keywords are inserted is as important as the density of the keywords. SEO services help you in determining the best placement for these. In general, the title should include the keywords and they should also be placed at the beginning of paragraphs and in sub-titles.

• Meta Description Tag – How a webpage is indexed by search engines is contained in a meta-tag and its description. Using these tags, you can provide additional information to the search engines about your pages. Although it may not really improve the rankings, it gives a brief description of the page in the search results and could help in getting more clicks.

• URL – The URL of your page is something you create just once and when you put in a major keyword into the URL, you give its visibility an instant boost. For example a URL that says the word ‘watches’ in it has a higher chance of turning up in searches related to watches than the one that says an unrelated company name only. If a service or product keyword is made up of a few words then you should add dashes between them to separate them and allow for readability.


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