Free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to define best SEO Keywords

How do you add value and visibility to your website? We all know quality content is key but at the same time and to ensure better ranking in search engine results, we need to include certain SEO keywords which will instantly boost the value of the webpage. SEO on-page services should take into account that adequate keyword analysis is an indispensible activity without which SEO services are like a rudderless ship. Add weight to your SEO on-page and give them the edge by using the free Adwords keywords tool from Google.

Your target audience will decide what are the most popular keywords. While doing SEO on-page, we may feel that the SEO keywords that we think of are the most frequently used but that may not be the case. Adwords guides you and is an invaluable tool for researching keywords and keyword analysis, suggesting the most suited keywords for your website. SEO on-page services should start the search using broader terms and narrow down gradually. SEO services should be selective about choosing the keywords suggested because they, if not filtered, can included greatly unrelated terms and phrases.

Apart from the chief SEO keywords that you are considering using, take into account the synonyms that people could use to search for your website. You can also enter your site’s URL into the Adwords tool and let it show you the keywords that are most likely to draw visitors to your site. Don’t just follow the results without thinking as it is after all just a computerised tool and is no replacement for human judgement. Analyse the keywords and think over their relevance to your web pages and then incorporate them into the content for best results.

All the keywords are weighed on the basis of three parameters, namely - Competition, Global Monthly Searches and Local Monthly Searches. The higher the ranking of a keyword in Competition, the harder it is to optimise for it as there are going to be many more vying for the top slot on the basis of these words. To make your searches more meaningful locally, target the most popular keywords in the Local Monthly Searches rather than the Global Monthly Searches. You don’t have to go just for the top ranking keywords as they mean more competition. By keeping in mind these pointers, you can be much more successful at choosing the right keywords using the free Google Adwords keywords tool.


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