Google PageRank for Improved SEO Rankings

The importance of Google as a search engine cannot be ignored as it is definitely the most popular. To keep its popularity intact, the most important thing for them has been to be able to share the most meaningful search results with users. To see whether your site makes the cut and is ranked among the best sites, you can use Google PageRank, a toolbar that enables you to assess your web page’s rank and subsequently work on improving your SEO rankings. Google PR is an indispensible tool for improving your PR using varied SEO on-page techniques. It doesn’t just rely on the number of inbound links to a page to rank the document but weighs the rank with regards to the ranks of the pages that link to the document.

On a scale of 0 to 10, the rank of your web page is determined by PageRank, with 0 being the least important and 10 being the most important in terms of PR. By having more inbound links you are not guaranteed a better rank as these links can be purchased and potentially be of poor quality. Their low ranks will have a detrimental effect on your site’s Google PR as well and your SEO rankings will also fall. There are many tools available on line which will help you in determining the PageRank of the links that link to your site.

To make sure that you get inbound links that add ample value to your webpage, put content on your website that will attract attention and be of use to prospective visitors. Encourage your users to leave comments as this is one of the best techniques to ensure increased traffic and hence, higher rankings. Use services of an SEO professional who will provide SEO on page services that will improve your PageRank.

Ensure that your content is high quality and refrain from copy-paste exercises and submit your site to reputed article directories and web directories for better ranking backlinks. Another thing that can work in your website’s favour is continual updating of content. The fresher the content, the better will be the rank. Social Bookmarking, participating in forums and actively blogging, help in increasing the PageRank. Stick to using white hat techniques only and play safe and not be blacklisted or removed from searches altogether. Stress on using apt keywords that are most likely to be searched. Google reassesses the PageRank every three months so you can improve upon your content and give it a try every few months.


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