Google Authorship Image is not showing in SERP’s; Help!

Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, said in October 2013 that they intend to cut down on the number of Authorship images by 15% and since the first week of December, there has been a decline in the number of author images appearing in SERPs. Though it had been a planned move, it has left many wondering and clueless as to what they did wrong. There are no straight answers and informed guesses are being put to work to get the earlier success in establishing Authorship images in SERPs back with varying degrees of success. It was introduced to enhance the quality; of articles and authors appearing in SERPs. While certain authors have just lost their Authorship images but have been able to retain their bylines in SERPs, others have lost their bylines as well.

It is of utmost importance that websites and SEO providers take a good look into the Authorship Images being dropped since the December 2013 update. If you have been affected it is important, but even if you have not been dropped, you must give it more than enough thought to ensure you are not next. SEOCopyKids looks into your Authorship issues and makes adequate changes that will tip the scales in the favor of your Authorship image continuing to show in SERPs. The first and most important step regarding the same is to enhance the quality of the website to very, very high quality. Authorship penalties are being meted out not just when an author has low rankings on a page but when the website is not up to the mark.

Leave your worries regarding Authorship to experts like SEOCopyKids. We track all developments in this area and make sure our patrons receive the best services possible. All your efforts at maintaining websites and publishing articles would mean a little less if you fail to get or lose your Authorship images in rankings. Our first step in this context is to raise the quality of content and rankings of websites. Authors who write great articles for websites that rank well regularly and are well connected by links, have by and large been unaffected by loss of this nature. We understand that to make Google’s initiative to improve search results help you in a positive manner, you have to be the result that reflects in SERPs.


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