5 Essentials Steps for Optimizing Your Website - Basics of SEO by SEOCopyKids

Everyone has heard of SEO and most have an idea that it relates to search engine results but few know how to tackle it successfully. While it is not as difficult as it is made out to be, at least at the very basic level, it does require a certain degree of practice to master. When you create a website or want to optimize an existing website, there are many things that you can do to get better rankings and improve your chances of doing more business online. Here are 5 steps that you should follow to get best rankings for your website -

1. Choose Keyword Rich URL – While most of us would think that a shorter URL would be better for a webpage, the truth is that a longer URL with more keywords lets the users know what it is about and makes your website show up in appropriate search results. Research your keywords well and use them not just in the URL but in the text too, to enable easy optimization.

2. Write, Write and Write some more – Freshly updated content and loads of it make your website more popular. When the content engages your audience, it is the perfect scenario where visitors turn to buyers. Keep the writing current and make sure it is of the finest quality. Have a blog that is associated with your website.

3. Images that say a million words – It is rightfully said that a good image can convey more than words. Make sure your images are apt and the titles that you give to them are meaningful. Keep the resolution such that they load quickly, say 72 dpi.

4. Must link to Social Media – It is absolutely important to link your website to social media pages and for that you need to have all the appropriate plug-ins. Maintain your pages on social sites and keep them dynamic, the content varied and latest and the look-feel similar to that of your website for easy recognition.

5. Create links – It is very important to link to reputed websites as the quality of websites you link to reflect on your rankings. Also the number of good links you have also directly affect your ranks.

Bonus Tip – Format your website content to make it eye-catching. Bold, highlight, italicize, use different fonts and sizes and create a look that is very ‘you’, easily identifiable and unique. Follow these steps to optimize your website and get great results.


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