Top 7 SEO Copywriting Tips for Getting High Rankings by SEOCopyKids

Copywriting is any writing that is aimed to sell or persuade costumers, mostly for advertising and marketing. Writing copy for SEO is very different as it is specific to the online world where attention is lost in seconds and redirected at the click of a button. SEOCopyKids guides you regarding the top 7 ways to get high ranking through your copywriting.

1. Make the Audience the focus of your writing – Write keeping your audience in mind. You may be a great writer but writing paeans to your product will not get you anywhere. You need to judge what the audience wants to find out more about and deal with the topic in stages. Go through each heading in detail and keep the interest going by taking up relevant sub-heads, one at a time.

2. Be Simple and Clear – Give clear directions regarding the problem or issue that needs to be addressed, the possible solutions and the most appropriate course of action for each situation. Spell out the procedure clearly and in language that is free from jargon.

3. Content above Keywords – Keywords have been over-abused for a very long time. While they are necessary to judge the topic of your writing, it is more important to keep the emphasis on creation of original, interesting, interactive and utilitarian content. Keep the readers coming back for more by giving them value for the time that they spend.

4. Remember to give great headings and page titles – The only way people will find out if your content is good is when they click through to read it. The only way to ensure it is to have great sounding and relatable titles that will catch their attention and stop them from browsing further without stopping to read your content.

5. Don’t chase a Word Count – Don’t be after achieving a fixed word limit. You may be able to get your point across in a few lines or you may need to go on into a few thousand words. Let the word count be dictated by the topic and your knowledge regarding the same. If you have nothing to add to the information that already exists, don’t say it.

6. Call for action – We may not want our work to sound like an advertisement, but we need to remember that we are marketing a product and offering the benefits of products, rather than highlighting features, will be beneficial.

7. Connect to Social Media - The best content can be lost if it is not easily sharable and is not shared over the many social platforms that can transform you from just another name to a Brand that’s a household name. 


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