Best SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites by SEOCopyKids

Ecommerce websites are the most sought after shopping destinations that have revolutionised the way people shop. The boom in online shopping portals has made it hard to establish yourself and survive the tough competition. To survive in the race to get the maximum visitors and turn them into customers, SEO is a very effective factor. SEOCopyKids has a lot of experience dealing with traffic and conversions for ecommerce websites. Here, a few of the best SEO tips for ecommerce websites are being shared to help you stay ahead –

• Easy Navigation – The best products at the most competitive prices will fail to entice the users if the website is not user friendly. Make sure that your ecommerce website offers the flexibility of options to narrow down choices according to price range, colour, size, style and whatever else may be applicable to the product.

• Quick to Load – A website that takes time to load is bound to fall prey to fickle attention spans. However good your digital effects or animation may be, your website might rank in the best designed sites but will surely fail to attract the customers it set out to lure. Make sure it loads promptly for various browsers like safari and chrome and mediums like mobile phones and tabs.

• Optimise for each page – Treat individual pages as landing pages and optimise for the products on that page using very specific keywords. If you try to generalise and optimise each page in the broader context of the website, you may get visitors but the conversion may remain poor.

• Check Repetition – The same product should not pop up for different searches. Sometimes it is unavoidable and then care should be taken to effect robot exclusions. The same product may be reachable through different URLs and is best avoided as it portrays a negative image of the website in front of the users.

• Dealing with out-of-stock or older products – Some of the products that the users reach may not be available any longer or may be from an older collection that has been discontinued. This is a blunder that can be effectively managed by being careful about inventory and categorising it accordingly.

• Product descriptions – The most arresting thing after the product is the product description as the user cannot feel the product up-close but will rely on how it is described to make the final decision.

• Meta Tags – They are still valid and should be given due attention. Making them relevant and appropriate will give the pages an edge. Make them descriptive, engaging and worthy of a click-through.


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