Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a critical part of your creating Internet visibility. Whether your business is big or small, you will need to spend time (and money) on an SEO strategy. Big businesses have big budgets - and most large companies are very focused on digital marketing tactics including SEO. But small businesses, with limited budget, can quickly be left in the lurch. Unfortunately, without a solid SEO foundation, a small businesses will quickly find that their website is not driving any traffic, leads, or revenue.

The solution for small business is to find a SEO service provider that they can trust and who is willing to gain an understanding of their business. Investing in SEO shouldn't break the bank. In fact, the costs to effectively SEO optimize the average small business website a few times a year will cost less than filling up your printer's toner.

Today it is important to understand that every business is online because your customers are online. The first thing every business needs to do is create an effective web identity. Put your business where people can see you; be visible in the search results because that is where your customers will look for you - AND if your site isn't in the Top 10 results... you are doomed.

That is where SEO services step in. It is a great tool to enhance your web presence and optimize each page of your website for the keywords you want to be found on. And the best part is that you can educate yourself to do basic SEO for your website for free. But to get optimal results quickly, you can use the services from SEOCopyKids. It is a very affordable, highly precise and a targeted tool that gets the job of SEO optimization done right the first time.

Not sure if your small business could use SEO optimization? Follow this quick checklist:

  1. Think of 5-10 keywords you think your customer will use to find you
  2. Remember these keywords should be what "the customer" will use, not necessarily you think they'll use
  3. Test out your favorite search engine and see if your website comes up
  4. Now, switch to (or .ca in Canada or your region) and repeat step #3 again
  5. Take note of the page on your site that is coming up (or not coming up)
  6. Is your site showing up on all your tests within the first 10 spots (page 1)?
  7. If not, you probably need some SEO optimization of your pages
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