Best Tool for Website Promotion - SEO, SMO or PPC

SEO, SMO and PPC are the billboards, neon signs and posters of the online world. Their importance for web promotions is indisputable and each has its own unique importance. SEO optimizes the appearance of the website at preferential top positions in the search engines. SMO makes your website a magnet for attention on the social media platform. PPC is direct advertising where you pay to place your website’s link at a preferential position to get more customers and pay only for those appearances that lead to click through to your website.

It is difficult to choose one over the other as all three are pretty important for web promotion. What would a website’s chances of discovery be if it were to not figure in top search results? That makes SEO really badly needed. What about being visible on the social media like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc? An average person spends more time on the social media than on any other website. That means that you just cannot do without it. But there are some websites that would not respond so well to SEO or SMO as to advertising; for them PPC is the Holy Grail of internet visibility.

PPC gets visitors to your site, SEO helps converts visitors to customers and SMO enhances brand image and direct interaction. These days the trend is to emphasise more on SMO as social media has become an inescapable reality. The amount of attention and the effect of sharing on social media make it just perfect to put across your business or other interests in an interactive manner, get immediate feedback and bond with perspective clients. A good web promotion campaign takes into account the requirements of the website and customises the best advertising mix by balancing the SEO, SMO and PPC.

When you choose PPC, you gain protection from changes in search algorithms that keep changing and because of that a site that has been well optimised may lose ratings. They let you get immediate traffic and you can also test it for conversion results without waiting to be optimised over a period of time. On the other hand you need to pay for PPC, according to your budget but with SEO you can let the optimisation occur naturally which may take time. We can safely say that all three complement each other and can provide maximum benefit by co-existing.


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