Top 5 On-Page SEO Tips for Ecommerce Website

SEO on-page is really important for successful e-commerce ventures. SEO for e-commerce websites calls for a different approach as compared to other websites. It pays to recruit SEO services of a professional as it is important for success. There are many ways to achieve this and the top 5 tips for the same are as follows –

1. Create Unique Content – SEO for e-commerce websites, like every other website, requires unique content but unlike other websites, because of their commercial nature it is difficult to achieve. This can be done by encouraging inputs in terms of content from users, like comments on social media platforms. Also make content so engaging that it inspires them to share your links with others.

2. Blogging Helps – By having a great engaging blog on your website, you can be assured of increased traffic. By updating your customers and subscribers about new additions and offers on the products, you keep the interest about your website alive. It is a good way of posting fresh content and being in touch with your customer base. This way you can also add keywords according to your latest requirements.

3. Engaging Product Descriptions – Most websites use the content that comes from the manufacturer as the content that their e-commerce website displays. Another mistake is copying from another e-commerce website and putting in duplicate content, a mine-field for penalties. By writing a short and interesting description for every product, you gain by not just attracting customers but also please the search engines which are forever on the lookout for fresh content.

4. Make the website User-friendly and preferably Mobile friendly – If your website takes forever to load, potential customers will take their business to the next site. A lot of trading is taking place online and someone who can find your website on the internet will equally easily find a competitor’s too. Make sure you are easy to access both on a desktop and on a mobile and do not hesitate to take SEO services for the same.

5. URLs with Punch – Make sure your URL is as closely related to the keywords of your website as possible as it will surely add an edge to it for SEO on-page. It not only becomes easier for the search engine to relate it to the website but also helps customers link it to products on your website.


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