5 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

You have caught the attention of the search engines and subsequently have the attention of potential customers. What next? You still need to work on keeping those customers interested. This is easier said than done. But by paying a little attention to the landing page, the page that your customers arrive on when they click a particular link leading to your website, you can create magic. It is important to be careful about the SEO of your landing pages and the following SEO tips will guide you through it –

1. Answering Queries – Make sure your landing page offers what it promises. The customers have chosen to click on the link to your landing page in the belief that you will help them get their questions answered and if you fail to fulfil that promise, they are unlikely to visit again. A home page may contain a gist of your website but that may not be what the customer is after. So, design a new page with adequate SEO, a few different pages even, to cater to needs of varied visitors.

2. Be Consistent – Keep the feel of the landing page the same as the rest of the website. Do not let the reader or user feel that they have been cheated by landing on a page that is entirely out of sync from the rest of the website. Every click comes with a number of expectations that should be fulfilled in terms of content, feel, and pitch.

3. Brevity is Important – It is important to be concise as you do not want the users to wander off before they have their answers. By burying information in reams of text, you risk losing the visitor. By not beating about the bush, you can win brownie points and attract the visitor to other pages of the website with the promise of instant answers.

4. Add Interest – Make sure you deliver something that is easy to share over social media sites, such as quotes, jokes, games and videos. If you can make the visitor smile or hook his attention in another way, you can expect people linked to them on their social networks to take the cue.

5. Organize and Trim – By shedding unwanted bits of content, design and advertising, you enable the visitor to focus better on the landing page. You wanted them there for a purpose, make sure it is achieved by removing distractions. All SEO tips are futile if their attention wavers.


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