What is a URL? How to Optimize a URL for Better SEO?

What is URL?

A URL (Uniform Resource Locater) is technically a type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that specifies the location of a webpage. In simple words, a URL may be defined as a "wepage address" or "website address".

Example of a URL: http://www.Google.com and http://www.google.com/adwords

Types of URL

A URL may be divided in to two types and can be understood by the following examples:

1) Static URL: An example of a static URL is www.example.com/this-is-my-website-first-page. Static URL will contain only keywords and will not include any special characters.  Websites which are made only in simple HTML are the best example of a static URL. Static URLs are good for an SEO point of view.

2) Dynamic URL: An example of a Dynamic URL is www.example .com/product?id=105. Dynamic URLs will always contain special characters like?=/ etc. Websites made in PHP may be an example of  dynamic URLs. Dynamic URLs are not good for an SEO point of view.

Tips for Optimization of URL

URL optimization is one of the important factors for SEO on page activity. Even Google and other search engines are always recommending to try to make static URLs for your webpages. If you do not know how to do URL optimization for your website then the example below will be beneficial for you.

If you are designing a new website and naming your folder, then take time to name your URLs. Try to include the actual name of the product or category name in the URLs or you can use your important or related keywords in the URLs.

For example, if we have a page on the topic of ‘Mangoes are Sweet’ and it is under the ‘Fruit’ category then we can assign URL as

www.example.com/fruits/mangoes-are-sweet (Static URL).

We recommend to use a hyphen (-) in between the keywords and ignore underscore (_)

Ignore these types of URL www.example.com /product?id=567 (Dynamic URL)
www.example.com/products /567.html (Dynamic URL)

So, by assigning static URL, Google and other search engines can easily crawl your website. Simply put, we can say try to make static URL’s for your website instead of making dynamic URL’s.

The main purpose of URL optimization is that these are more searchable; Google robots can easily find your website.

If you are not technically strong and want to optimize your web pages URLs then SEOCopyKids.com will be always best option for you for making your website search engine friendly.


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