How to Do Image Optimization?

This article will explain the concept of image optimization which is the part of SEO on page optimization. Find out the solution for how to use ‘Alt’ tag and ‘Title’ tag? ‘Alt’ and ‘Title’ both attributes are important because these may impact the search engine rankings. Both ‘Title’ and ‘Alt’ tags are describing the images and from here you can find out the solution for using it.

So, do you have a website with too many images? And looking for the tips for image optimization for your website for SEO point of view then you are at right place. Actually, image optimization is one of the important SEO on page optimization activity. People want to see better images and they are searching images on the web with the help of various search engines and search engines returning those images to them which are well optimized and which search engine thinks it will be best match for users for their particular query.

Do not know How to do Image Optimization? Find out the best Tips for How to do Image Optimization for Your Website?

If you want to see your website images in search engines then you must do proper optimization for your website images which are explained as follows.

For better Understanding We divided the Image Optimization concept in three parts.

1) In First part, we can understand the concept of image optimization by the below mentioned example.

If you have too many images in your website then first of all give naming to your images. Give actual naming of your each product. Means if you have ‘white sports shoes’ product in your website then you must give the name of your image as white-sports-shoes. So, that the path of URL should look like this .jpg Means you have to give image name as ‘white-sports-shoes’ in your server. And you have to ignore these types of names like image1, image2, 1344 etc.

Ignore these types of URL’s and

2) How to use Alt Tag?

Google and other search engines are always recommending include ‘alt’ tag in your images for description of your images. If you are not familiar with ‘alt’ tag then you can get idea for adding ‘alt’ tag in an image URL as follows.

<img src= "images/white-sports-shoes.jpg" alt="White Sports Shoes"/>

3) How to Use Alt & Title Tag?

According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, if your images are containing a hyperlink (If your image is linking to internal page) then it is good idea to add both ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags in your image source which is as follows

<a href=""><img src= "images/white-sports-shoes.jpg" alt="White Sports Shoes" title="Shop White Sports Shoes Online"/></a>

Note: Do not use lengthy ‘alt’ & ‘title’ tags.

So, with the help of ‘Alt’ and ‘Title’ attributes you can optimize your website in a better way.

If you are new to SEO and do not know about any basic steps for image optimization and looking for SEO Services for your small business then it is good idea to hire any Professional SEO Company.


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