Serious about SEO? Don’t Overlook Structured Data

SEO deals with putting things in an order that is easily understood by humans as well as the search engine robots and crawlers. It aims to throw up the best results according to context and content. It may be difficult for search engines to go through every word and in the process appropriate information may get skipped. While most SEO providers look at keywords and metadata very seriously, they tend to sideline structured data, forgetting it is an indispensible part of SEO. Every kind of website and webpage benefits from the same. It is the extra and apt information that can be added to the HTML makrup of the website that appears as the rich snippets in SERPs. Structured data can be in the form of Microdata, Microformats and RDFa.

Structured data helps SEO by providing a better user experience by offering more relevant sites in results. To make your site more visible in SERPs, make sure that your data is informative and appropriate. Google’s Markup Helper is a great tool for the same. You can select the tags that you want to select to better describe your website in results and make an impact on the users. This is the language that is amply clear to search engines and enables them to understand your website and place it better in results. But its biggest drawback is the limited information that you can tag. is your one stop shop for all your structured data needs. From ratings, author pictures and location to other information, all information can be associated with your websites’ results reaping wondrous rewards for you. The benefits range from increased search engine visibility to increased conversion rates. Our team of well versed experts will take care of the perfect schema for structured data for your website. By making the contents of websites easily understood by users and search engines, you are better in search rankings.

When you search for any keywords in a search engine, the number of links with rich snippets next to them is enough to explain their preference by search engines. Though difficult for the layman, at SEOCopyKids, it is something that we are proficient at. With our HTML experience, we can provide you with varied kinds of rich snippets to suit your websites’ needs. Before launching any changes, we use schema testing tools to ensure that the changes we have made are apt. give your website the advantage of structured data with SEOCopyKids.Com.


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