Google’s In-depth Articles in Search Results & Small Business SEO

Google finally has something for readers who are looking for detailed information regarding topics – the In-depth Articles, and they have started featuring in search results. This will feature as a separate section for comprehensive articles. It is aimed at the reader who is in search of something more than a quick search. Covering about 10% of people who search for detailed information on the internet, this is slated to be the next big thing in SEO after the Panda Algorithm. It will enable Google to search and present results according to relevant authors and their content.

By allowing everyone a chance to put their best foot forward, Google has ensured that a good, detailed write-up is easily accessible to people who are interested. This opens up another avenue to showcase your content apart from the regular web search. Though not all your content has to get lengthy and you can start with one such post a month to get the traffic going. But make sure that the post is the very best, optimized for inclusion in In-depth Article Search and appropriate to the audience. Claiming Authorship for your data has become all important as that is a criteria for sorting and displaying results as relevant. By creating content that engages the readers you can get Google to give your small business the attention it deserves. gives you the advantage of being with the best brains in the SEO industry and raking up their understanding to build your online businesses. With us you are assured the finest attention from Google’s In-depth Article Search category as we provide you with schema article markup that is optimized content aimed to make searching for and indexing your data easy. Your content gets Authorship markup too, making it more specifically targeted at users. also ensures that your multi-page articles are properly paginated and correctly canonicalized. We put your logo on center-stage where it is easily identifiable. And the most important of all, we provide you with unparalleled content making sure that user interest in your data keeps Google’s interest in your content alive.

By creating content with the correct length, making it informative and useful, and focusing on quality of the writing, you stand a fighting chance to figure in the In-depth Article Search. With more and more brands investing time and energy into content marketing, the competition has gone up several notches and you need to have expert help on hand.


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