Effective Blog Writing - Top 5 Tips

People blog for various reasons; starting a new business, building a community, starting a debate or just about anything else. Any blog needs one thing for sure – traffic. More the visitors to your blog, the more is the business or debate that you generate. Without content optimization and effective SEO, it is difficult to generate much interest in your blog. You can avail professional SEO services or optimize it yourself depending on your budget and time constraints. To make sure that you get the best response that your blog deserves, here are a few tips that will help you maximize the impact.

Impactful Content Optimization – The best and most effective way to arrest attention and retain it is to generate content that is worthy of attention and creates a connection with the reader. The best way to do that is write about topics that are current and relevant. Content optimization can be done by adding SEO friendly keywords at the right places; title, starting of paragraphs and in headings.

Visualize the Message – Adding appropriate pictures not only makes the text more interesting but also easier to understand. Do add titles for every picture as the search engines may not recognise the images but can rate the titles.

Add external and internal links to your posts – Build links to others who are saying something that is interesting and related to your topic and gain external links when people link back to you. Also, within your post, link to your archives and encourage users to read more of your blogs.

Elicit Response – To engage readers into your posts and make them feel like a part of your online community, encourage them to leave comments and acknowledge them. Nothing builds a rapport and a personal connection better than a discussion.

SEO services and SMO – Optimizing your posts for keywords and on social media platforms is extremely helpful. By having a presence on major social media, you provide a wider prospective audience for your posts and in turn can spread your message and attract more business. While keywords are important, it is best to stay away from over stuffing them in a post as not only will it affect readability but also attract penalty.

Remember to format the text well; makes headings and sub-headings, important words should be highlighted in bold and ensure good flow of text. By following these pointers and making sure that your post is easily readable, you stand to gain a good audience.


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