What are Meta Tags? Why Title and Description Tags are Important in SEO?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags may not be the only sure-shot solution to spiking search engine rankings but they surely play a very imperative role. Meta Tags constitute specialized text written in between the opening and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document.

Basically Meta Tags are helpful in explaining web page and its content. They are not visible in the webpage as such, but present summarized information of a web site. Moreover, indirectly these tags do act as a major medium for guiding the search engines and users regarding the correct information of the website and its importance. Therefore, implementing the correct Meta Tags is a necessity for your website and this is where SEOCopyKids can assure you great accuracy and precision.

We have a skilled set of SEO Copywriter professionals who are technically updated and know exactly that which set of Meta Tags can be perfect for your website. Our expertise in placing the correct Meta Tags lies in following a comprehensive and systematic strategy for the same.

Meta Tag structure comprises of:

Title Tag: The title tag as written by our experts is short and crisp (about 65 characters in length) catering to the exact meaning of your web page. We realize its importance as this is what is visible on the search engine’s results page.

Description Tag: We showcase the exact meaning of your web page through the description tag. Having said that, we do not forget the basic motive behind Meta Tags and so do not exceed the character length to more than 200.  (Search engines recommend your meta tag must be between 150 – 200 characters and we are always making Meta description according to search engine guidelines.)

We even add an additional Meta Tag, a naming Keyword Meta Tag after considering the impact it may create in moving your web page up in the search engine rankings. This keyword Meta tag usually formulates important words that represent your web page correctly and most effectively. (In these days Meta Keywords are not important.)

Here is the complete Format of Meta Tags (Title, Description & Keywords)

<title>Title of Your Webpage<title>
<meta name= "description" content= "Description of Your Webpage"/>
<meta name= "keywords" content= "Important Keywords for Your Webpage"/>

Also, before we finalize the Meta Tags, we hold a complete and effectual research, analyzing your web page. Our main focus lies on optimization of Meta Tags. While doing this, we take care of three things:

Firstly, content of the Meta Tags. We try our best in assuring that the Tags placed fulfill the basic purpose of Search Engine Optimization and exactly match with the information & purpose of your web page.

Secondly, the characters and length of the Meta Tags is limited to what it should be. While there is no binding rule for this, we do this to make the Meta Tags effective.

Thirdly, we emphasize placing the Meta Tags correctly. The title, description and keyword Meta Tags are placed in a way that the more important ones are placed first followed by the less important ones.

Through this fixed and quality Meta tag structure, SEOCopyKids.com accomplishes the goal of providing you with superior content optimization. You can learn more about our specialized set of SEO solutions by contacting us on our customer care number 855-736-2679. You can also leave us an e-mail at info@seocopykids.com


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