Google Updates September 2012

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August was a busy month for Google. With updates to Panda, PageRank, Analytics and AdWords, many businesses saw shifts in search engine rank and search results. Here’s what was changed, how it affected businesses, and what these changes mean moving forward.

Google Search & Panda 3.9.1
Google tweeted on August 23 about the Panda 3.9.1 update, stating “Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1% of queries noticeably affected”.  Effectively, this meant the refresh was deployed on August 20, less than a month after the Panda 3.9 refresh on July 24. Google has not made any additional comments to elaborate on exactly what the refresh was meant to address.

On August 10, Google announced on their Inside Search Blog the implementation of a new ‘signal’ to indicate when copyrighted information is being violated. The signal has been nicknamed in the online community the ‘Emanuel Update’ after Ari Emanuel of William Morris Endeavour asserted earlier this year that Google has the ability to filter copyrighted content from search results, the same way it does with child pornography. Emanuel stated, “stealing is a bad thing, and child pornography is a bad thing”. The new signal sends copyright removal notices to Google when it suspects copyright infringement; the more notifications Google receives regarding any given website, the lower that site will rank in search results. However, this is the most Google can do to websites suspected of copyright violations; they cannot de-index sites that are repeatedly accused of copyright violations unless a copyright holder actually approaches and asks them to. Those de-indexed can submit counter-notices thereafter to petition to be re-indexed. This is the first Google update pertaining to copyright management in two years.

An unannounced change to Google Search Results has also been fueling conversation in the online community: 7-result SERPS. Search Engine Land saw the following results when Googling themselves:

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